Here are Philipp Gaber's care tips for your customized handkerchiefs made in Paris since 2009

Wash your organic cotton twill handkerchiefs:

Wash your tissues at a maximum of 30 °C or 40 °C.

Wash them with similar colors and laundry without optical brighteners and bleaching agents. If your handkerchiefs have an embroidery by philippe. The 100% Enka viscose embroidery thread does not fade and can withstand washing up to 90°. The wire will remain silky and bright over time. Do not use whitening agents for your embroidered tissues. The shrinkage rate of organic cotton is a maximum of 5%.

The best laundry for whites: Use a Marseille soap as a laundry! An ecological and simple recipe: Use chips of Marseille soap, put a little baking soda, add hot water, shake and you have an ecological laundry!Pour blanchir ou détacher vos mouchoirs : 

Baking soda is an excellent whitening agent but also a great stain remover. Practical against red fruit and wine stains (normally). To whiten well, complete your laundry with Sodium Percarbonate. It's also super stain remover!

For grease stains, pour immediately at the time of the sommière soil. Leave on a night or a day. It will absorb the fat. There are also super solid ecological stain remover soaps that some customers tell me are good!

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Softener : 

For a more responsible and ecological gesture, avoid using the fabric softener when washing your handkerchiefs

Replace it in the tray provided for this purpose with household vinegar or white vinegar. 

Indeed, vinegar is used to purify laundry, it eliminates a large number of stains and eliminates bad odors while preserving colors. But above all, it is a natural fabric softener that softens water and therefore makes your laundry softer. At the same time, it descales your machine! Always having vinegar at home is 100% natural and ecological!

Make Your Make-softener! It's very simple, mix one or two good large glasses of vinegar in an empty one-liter bottle. Add half a glass of alcohol and some Remy starch crystals (in a box). Complete the rest with cold water. Close, shake a lot. A little more.

The starch must dissolve well.. Leave it on for 48 hours. and here you have your softener for the laundry. In addition, it will be perfect as an ironing aid. Starch with cold water and in very small quantities, has the quality of softening and softening the laundry. If used with hot water, it is used to starch the laundry. Remy crystal starch based on rice is 100% natural. So 100% ecological! It is also a beauty care for the skin!!

Drying your fabric handkerchiefs: 

The best way is to let them dry in the open air flat or extended. I do not recommend putting your tissue tissues in the dryer. In addition, it is one of the most electricity-intensive appliances. If you use it, choose the lowest temperature, the shortest program. Indeed, choosing a long program with a high temperature is harmful to the cotton fibers of your tissues. It is also a factor that further shrinks cotton.

Make a short program, then remove your tissues while they are still slightly damp to avoid drying too hard. Also no they will be too difficult for ironing and very often they have false folds very difficult to reap. The shrinkage rate of cotton is a maximum of 5%. But with the use of a dryer, it goes beyond.

Ironing your French handkerchiefs:

To make it easier for ironing, I advise you to iron your tissues in fabric that are still slightly wet. For your French tissues personalized by Philipp Gaber, I recommend that you start ironing on the reverse, not directly by embroidery, but from another corner of the handkerchief to return to the embroidery.

Ironing is also an opportunity to put your handkerchief back on track.

If they are already dry, moisten your handkerchief copiously with a spray (mix of water and household vinegar). Place them in an airtight plastic bag and close them. Leave on for half an hour. This action has the effect of evenly reducing moisture, which helps to relax the fibers and makes it much easier to iron. A solution that I always use and that I recommend for shirts as well. It's surprising.

Ironing aid. If you don't have time and want to quickly iron your tissues. Take an empty Vaporizer Put half of white vinegar aside a spoon of household alcohol and complete with cold or warm water. You have a quick and simple ironing aid. Spray on your handkerchiefs, leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and iron your handkerchiefs!

To pamper your tissues and give them a perfect rendering. Use starch already ready. Also no, you can make the same recipe as the ironing aid mentioned above. Add starch crystals (a pinch! It must not exceed one third of a teaspoon). Add hot water. To the water. Shake to dilute the crystals. Spray and iron.

Finally, keep your tissues impeccably ironed in the beautiful recycled cardboard box Philippe Gaber and last tip add a bag of lavender with it! Your tissues will smell good for the next use!

Here is all the advice from philipp who has been manufacturing and customizing your French handkerchiefs since 2009

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