The handkerchief, besides being useful for blowing your nose,

In addition to being eco-responsible and no longer using disposable tissues. And even if it is not advisable to use it in case of big colds. It will always be useful to have your French fabric handkerchief with you. Put a few drops of Eucalyptus, peppermint and Ravintasra essential oil on your handkerchief! And breathe your handkerchief. This allows you to breathe better and be a little less irritated.

The fabric handkerchief or how to use the essential Swiss knife!

IIt is very useful to have a French handkerchief in organic cotton twill on a daily basis, in addition when it is made by Philipp Gaber ;). The other uses of the French fabric handkerchief to absolutely always carry with you on a daily basis. In addition to being eco-responsible and no longer using disposable tissues:


Practical with and for children

It is very useful when you have to rub the mouth of your child who enjoyed it and put it everywhere. Console him when he cries hot tears after a small fall or even clean his little bobo with water. To help stop bleeding. Very useful as a small bandage or dressing. A lost blanket Give him your (clean) handkerchief quickly, it will comfort him with softness. Do magic tricks! Hey yes, it's very easy to impress a child with a handkerchief!

Practical for cleaning

Nothing at hand! If quickly take out your handkerchief too: Clean the screen of your phone or tablet as well as clean your glasses. Rub an accidental stain at the restaurant. Quickly remove lipstick. . Clean and dry your hands or mouth.

Wipe the sweat

If you are a K pop group on stage, Barrack Obama on a hot day, wiping your sweat with a handkerchief will be an integral part of "your thing". It's not only for them though - we all sweat, some of us sweat too much. It's an elegant way to keep your forehead dry and look like you have everything under control.

To protect yourself

You lie under a sunny place like a beach. You have forgotten your hat and/or sunglasses. Your relaxing nap is spoiled. Where is it?? Of course, you will look a little silly, but a clean handkerchief folded in half can pass over your head and cover your eyes just the right amount to help you relax.

Breathe through him in case of heavy pollution. Cover your mouth when there is a lot of dust. Cover your mouth when you cough. You are soaked in a foreigner's house, and there are no towels... you shake as much water as you can, but you don't want to dress wet. Hankie to the rescue - it won't make you dry completely, but it will make you dry enough. Your handkerchief will be soaked now... you can decide to throw it away instead of putting it in your pocket. Also note that it is the perfect size to dry your phone in a hurry if you spill it or drop it into the water.

Couvrir votre nez pour arrêter les mauvaises odeurs.

Make a knot to remember things

You remember something you have to do - but you are in the middle of something else... you know you will forget. No worries, make a knot in the corner of your handkerchief. When you remove it later, you will see the knot and remember that you had to do something - now you just have to remember what it was...

But it is also to remember an event. A marriage, A birth, a communion, The day you said yes to him! The personalized handkerchief is the perfect accessory to immortalize these moments of life that matter to us.

To tell him..., send a message

There's nothing like offering an embroidered handkerchief to tell him: I love you. Marry me. I am always with you. A handkerchief symbolizes fidelity and romance. A secret language of lovers. Use your handkerchief embroidered with significant patterns, to send an intimate message to your lover.

Attract attention.

Report yourself regardless of the critical or delicate situation. Shake it very hard! And shout I'm here! Perfect for seduction! I take my handkerchief and drop it nonchalantly as I pass in front of him, hoping that he will pick it up and, politely, introduce himself and the rest... it will be history!


The fabric handkerchief, the Gentleman's essential accessory 

The best reason to wear a handkerchief is to lend it to a woman, to give it to a friend who has heartache or tears of joy! Because whatever tears we cry, it always ends up in a handkerchief! The fabric handkerchief is an ostentatious mark of wealth, according to the finesse of its embroidery, the shape of its contours, the quality of its patterns. An elegant gesture, so gentleman as Robert de Niro said so well in the film The Intern. But also in the Godfather where he really needs a handkerchief! Moreover, fortunately, Mr. De Niro in the Godfather had to use his fabric handkerchief as a suit jacket pouch! From the 16th century. In Europe and beyond, it becomes the symbol of important people. He then incorporated a new worldly panoply: that of the construction of appearance. It is then often used to demonstrate its high position in life.

In a pocket handkerchief

Au 19e siècle; Le mouchoir en tissu devient à la mode. Il s’expose très souvent dans la poche poitrine des vestes pour hommes comme symbole de statut.. Utilisé de cette manière, il se nomme alors mouchoir de poche ou carré de poche. La tendance des pochettes en tant qu’accessoire de mode commence dans les années 1920 et se poursuit jusqu’aux années 1960.

Pendant cette période, des acteurs tels que Cary Grant, Fred Astaire et Gary Cooper portent régulièrement des mouchoirs en tissu. Le mouchoir pochette de veston tombe ensuite en désuétude jusqu’à la fin des années 2000, date à laquelle il revient, grâce en partie à des émissions de télévision populaires telles que Mad Men.

Other uses some unusual

Doorstop. I have already been a bit of a hero by folding a handkerchief dense enough to hold a door open (once at the bottom, and once to block the locking mechanism).

Carrying things When you collect chicken eggs, or find a bush full of berries in the woods, there is nothing as practical as a handkerchief to place all the goodies and take them home. Top tip - one hand on top and one hand below at all times. You don't want to lose these eggs now, do you?

Start a duel or a race! Not many pistol duels these days, I know. Nevertheless, the preferred way to start a fair duel, if you are called to do such a thing, is with a handkerchief. You hold the handkerchief high and let go. As he reaches the ground, let's go!

Hunting flies and mosquitoes A annoying fly in the room, take out your practical pocket friend and chase them with great movements!

Relaxation meditation. Handkerchiefs can help find peace and tranquility. Some people swear to go back as a method to relax and concentrate the mind away from the worries of the world. There is no better ironing meditation than creating perfect squares, small and without folds from your handkerchiefs.

Wear and protect things. When you collect chicken eggs, or find a bush full of berries in the woods, there is nothing as practical as a handkerchief to place all the goodies and take them home.

A handkerchief to signify and display!

In 1970, it was a secret symbol used by the LGBT community. In the 1970s in Los Angeles, the fabric handkerchief, which became a bandana, was updated by the homosexual community. Having become an essential and precise code, a sign directly indicating that it was his position and sexual taste according to the color and pocket in which it is worn (left or right)!

The code is more widely used in the 1970s in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Gay and bisexual men looking for casual sex, overtake a colorful handkerchief from the back pocket of the jeans. It tells others the person's preferred sexual practices. Each practice has a very specific color. For example, when a man wears a green handkerchief in the pocket of his back jeans, he tells others that he is a prostitute. But I let you discover the meaning of the colors of this special secret code fabric handkerchief here (article in English)

Later, this code remains to simply indicate that we are from the LGBT community. Yes, I am Gay, and the poster. Today, the handkerchief is colored with all the rainbow colors. Wink at the color codes of the 70s. Let's be proud of what we are and free to display ourselves!

« Handkerchiefs are really a record of history. »

So don't wait any longer! Buy your French philippegaber fabric handkerchiefs. He is delighted to customize them especially for you!!

Even better when they are labeled Made in Paris 2022 edition by the City of Paris