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Organic T-shirt ethically Made in Paris - France ᕦ( ᐛ )ᕤ | PhilippeGaber

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Organic T-shirt Ethically Made in Paris - France by Philippe Gaber since 2009

The French organic cotton T-shirts from philipp gaber received the

Label Fabriqué à Paris éditions  2024

Awarded by the City of Paris. ᕦ( ᐛ )ᕤ 

Indeed, Philipp guarantees you that each of the steps necessary for the manufacture of your t-shirt made in France since, the cutting, assembly through customization and embroidery is done exclusively from his workshop located at 71 rue Saint Maur Paris XIe,

So a complete confection 100% MADE IN FRANCE!

An ethical & transparent 100% Parisian manufacture! 

To affix the mention Made in France, all operations following the cutting of the fabric must be done on French territory.

Each of the steps necessary to make your organic sweatshirt, after receiving the fabric, is done exclusively by Philippe gaber. All these operations are carried out from one place: 71 RUE SAINT MAUR in PARIS.

Philippe gaber does not subcontract any steps outside his workshop in Paris.

Not only is Philippe Gaber committed to the quality and importance of our Made in France, but he is also an eco-responsible brand that ethically manufactures each product from its workshop in Paris.


Organic T-shirt Ethically Made in Paris - France by Philippe Gaber since 2009
Organic T-shirt Gots certified Made in Paris - France by Philippe Gaber since 2009

French T-shirt in 100% Gots certified organic cotton:

Your French t-shirt is made of a 100% organic cotton jersey with the mention 'Organic Textile' certified Global Organic Textile Standard.

A Soft jersey with exclusive breathable knitting and a rare quality with a weight of 220gr/m2. The jersey is naturally dyed without harmful products for men and the environment. It is a GOTS certified eco-responsible workshop located in Portugal that knits the organic textile cotton used by Philippe Gaber.

This ethical company is committed to a specification extremely defined by the Global Organic Textile Standard framework on the integrity and traceability of raw materials, respect for the environment, consumer health and social criteria for each employee. "What a French knitter simply does not propose and accept, for constraints, the requirement of total transparency. ”

Therefore, the GOTS label certifies that the cotton of your t-shirt comes from organic farming with integrity and total traceability while respecting the environment, your health, social criteria throughout its production process. Organic textiles: requires that 95% of fibers come from organic farming

A 100% Viscose Enka wood cellulose embroidery thread

The embroidered thread is composed of 100% viscose, a perfect silk aleternaltive, because Enka viscose is ecological but also vegan.

ENKA viscose is a natural product: The basic material, cellulose, is made of wood made sustainably and transformed into high-quality viscose thread at different levels of production according to ecological requirements. Biodegradable!

It is delicate and very silky. An embroidery made with SULKY® yarn will keep its shine for years. The origin of these advantages comes from the manufacturing process that preserves the environment and preserves the natural resources of the wire.

If you want another color, do not hesitate to contact philippegaber.

The yarn is labeled Confiance Textile OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 N° BXX20718, OEKO-TEX® is a label aimed at guaranteeing the humano-ecological qualities of textiles and yarn: free of toxic products for the body and the environment.

Organic T-shirt with birds embroidered & Made in Paris - France by Philippe Gaber since 2009
Organic T-shirt with birds embroidered & Made in Paris - France by Philippe Gaber since 2009


The 3 FOLDS, 

An exclusive signature of French and ethical manufacturing by Philipp Gaber in Paris.

They are the 3p of philippe just like, a nod to the tricolor flag.

Affixed to the collar or a sleeve of your French t-shirt, they are the aesthetic guarantee seal, the small signature to mean that your t-shirt is well made in Paris by Philippe Gaber.