To manufacture only for your order, since my workshop in Paris, it is 10 years of ethical manufacturing anti-waste and an act Made in France totally eco-responsible!

Since 2009, and convinced that we can manufacture, consume and buy otherwise, Philippe Gaber made the decision to manufacture to order, wishing not to contribute or participate in the industry The most polluting in the world where over-production on manufacturing of clothes in very large quantities.
So, you and I, we do not contribute to all this as wasteful, massive pollution due to unnecessary overproduction. To make for you, clothes or accessories, in organic cotton, with ethic and necessary time, you and me, contribute positively to our environment and for our future, while dressing with an eco-elegance Made in France and labeled manufactured to Paris in 2018.
PhilippeGaber une mode éthique et personnelle car chaque produit est coupé puis assemblé avec éthique depuis son atelier 71 rue saint Maur Paris 11e

Each product is cut and then assembled ethically by Philippe Gaber from his studio in Paris.

It is important for him to be able to supervise all the details of the manufacturing process for an ethical, personal, exclusive and specially made fashion for you and therefore, MADE IN FRANCE! Since items are made to order, their completion requires some delay. Therefore, there is a manufacturing time mentioned on the product page. Nevertheless, it is variable depending on the number of orders in progress, especially during the holiday season.

The manufacturing time indicated on the product page is a general deadlines found Philippe gaber , do everything to minimize delays. It is also possible to ask for an express production (for an urgent gift)

ATTENTION: During periods of high affluence, end-of-year celebrations, the announced deadlines can be lengthened, both for the manufacturing time only for delivery times.

Manufacturing in Paris in detail?

All the operations that follow the cutting of the fabric of the product are carried out on the French territory and more exactly: CREATION : ATELIER 75011 PARIS






Donc une CONFECTION COMPLETE de votre sweat-shirt à PARIS - FRANCE. 


PACKAGING /  PAPIER utilisés :  FRANCE - Papier recyclé FSC + ECOLABEL

Organic sweatshirts & t-shirts + Organic handkerchief ... MADE IN FRANCE?

Yes, Because all the operations that follow the cut of the fabric are carried out on the French territory by Philippe Gaber, Location: ATELIER 75011 PARIS

Manufacturing lead times?

Indeed, at Philippe Gaber, you order and he manufactures your product with ethics since his workshop in Paris.

Therefore, there is a manufacturing time mentioned on the product page, because, it is important for Philippe Gaber, to be able to supervise all the details of the manufacturing process for an ethical fashion, personal, exclusive and specially made to your attention! By choosing to manufacture each order from his studio in Paris, it does not require, for example, trucks or containers, which transport the products for each stage of manufacture in France and across borders.
The integral manufacture in Paris is respectful of the environment, and thus minimizes the environmental impact.
Because every gesture counts! Moreover, like your T-shirt or Sweatshirt, is specially made for you, in response to your order, you can ask, and at no extra charge, a length be shorter or longer, for the sleeves as well as for the front or back length of your T-shirt.

Just like personalizing a handkerchief or a scarf. This will allow you to wear a sweatshirt that suits you completely.

The manufacturing lead time is variable depending on the product and the number of orders in progress. They are open day and are not made on Sundays and public holidays. They do not understand the delivery time.

During periods of high affluence, end-of-year celebrations, the announced deadlines can be lengthened, both for the manufacturing time and for the delivery times.

 Pré-Order ?

To anticipate, better meet the demands for certain products, Philippe Gaber, offers to reserve this product, or simply to register on a waiting list (via the contact form with the name of the product and the desired size). br />
Each pre-order must be paid before manufacture. It is possible to offer a deposit or pay by directly ordering the product.

This pre-order, so allow him to calculate and order all the necessary fabric, while giving a small delay serene for the manufacture. The time of manufacture and delivery will be communicated to you once the pre orders have been completed. The time of manufacture, can vary according to the number of pre-order. If you buy directly the product in pre-order, you will be kept informed for the validation, according to the demands of the product, Philippe Gaber, will do the best to answer in favor of your pre-order.If it turns out that there have not been enough pre-orders recorded Philippe Gaber informs you immediately, then you will have the opportunity to choose another product, get a have the amount of your pre-order or simply be refunded the amount of your pre-order.

Once the manufacture of your product pre-order is launched, it remains exchangeable if the size does not suit you (making sure that Philippe has enough fabric left over to make a new size).

 Will it be proposed again?

Everything depends mainly on the fabric, because all are exclusive and sometimes it is no longer possible to receive it again, because either it is no longer manufactured or it comes from a drapery now disappeared with their know-how and it will be very difficult to reproduce techniques that have also disappeared as well.

It is also about allowing you to make the difference and not to wear what the entire floor wears.

You will have the pleasure of wearing something specially made exclusively for you! But do not hesitate to discover the other products in the exclusive fabrics or also contact Philippe.