Manufacturing time

At philippegaber, each product is cut and assembled for your order.

Since the items are made to order, it takes some time for them to be produced.

Therefore, there is a manufacturing time mentioned on the product page.

Nevertheless, it is variable according to the number of orders in progress, especially during the holiday season.

It is important for him to be able to oversee all the details of the manufacturing process, so he can create something quality, personal, eco-responsible and quite unique to you.

Philippe Gaber is dedicated to designing and manufacturing each product offered exclusively in limited edition so you do not look like what the whole world carries!

An ethical, personal and exclusive accessory or garment, specially made for you, which allows you to cut your pants more quickly by wearing a sweatshirt with the correct sleeve length or a tie Neither too long nor too short for example.

Transparency & ethics

For Philippe Gaber, there is no more important than transparency, especially as regards the manufacture and origin of your products.

By choosing to manufacture himself every order from his workshop in Paris, there is no need for huge container ships to navigate the globe for the delivery of our products for example.

Paris manufacture is also environmentally friendly, it minimizes its environmental impact and enriched its ethical approach.

Because every action counts!


All the operations which follow the cutting of the fabric of the product are carried out on French territory and more precisely:

Creation of products: ATELIER 75011 PARIS

Patronage and gradations: ATELIER 75011 PARIS

Cutting of each product: ATELIER 75011 PARIS

Assembly & manufacturing / Handmade / finishes: ATELIER 75011 PARIS

Preparation, packing of the order + Departure for delivery: ATELIER 75011 PARIS

So, a complete manufacturing by Philippe Gaber at 71 RUE SAINT MAUR 75011 PARIS - FRANCE is also environmentally friendly