organic handkerchiefs, Tshirts sweatshirt made in Paris since 2009 by philippegaber

Since 2009, PhilippGaber its, 
an ethical, local, 100% Parisian Made in France manufacture
exclusively for your order!

It's in 2009 that Philippe formalized his eponymous brand.

He is one of the, see the initiator in 2009, of the strong return of Made in France. Indeed, in 2009, Made in France is not something in high demand. There are almost no "young" brands that offer 100% Made in France fashion. 

In addition, Philippe notes that it is impossible to have clothes manufactured in France (a 100% manufacture, he specifies) because very often it is a 60% over-border manufacture and a maximum of 40% in France.

It was then that Philippe, without hesitation, decided to make all the clothes and accessories he proposed himself and then launched in 2009, a very simple principle:

You order and Philipp manufactures your order ethically from his workshop 71 rue Saint Maur in Paris.

In 2012, Delphine Parickmiller, with her documentary "Made in France, the Great Illusion?" From France 5, presents Philippe as the avant-garde of 100% Made in France fashion.

We then discover his work, and his total transparency because yes incredible, philippe makes the orders himself from his small workshop in Paris!

It was following this documentary, and the presentation of philipp that a very important craze for Made in France was born and will initiate the second new wave of Made in France as the French underwear in 2012, see a year later the jeans 1083...

documentaire 2012 Made in France France 5 _ PHILIPPEGABER fabriqué à paris depuis 2009

In 2015 he was interviewed live about his brand in the show Paris est à Vous on BFM Business. ( pour voir l'interview de Philipp cliquez ici

In 2017, the Artist Duo Amaury Laurel and Victor Delestre together formed the Deborah Bowamnn entity with performances that are as surprising as they are innovative where each medium acquires a medium potential; Present, on the occasion of the 19th Ricard Corporate Foundation Award, a system that connects several sculptures serving as exhibition supports for PhilippeGaber's scarves. . 

In 2018, Philippe Gaber is awarded a medal by Mayor François Vauglin for being a craftsman from the 11th arrondissement of Paris, winner of the Made in Paris Label awarded by the City of Paris.

2019 -2020 Philippe manufactures masks tested by the DGA at the initiative of the government and the group of companies Savoir Faire together to respond to the lack of masks in France.

In 2024, Philipp Gaber made in Paris with ethics since 2009, will celebrate its 15 years of existence!!

He remains faithful to his initial ambition and always manufactures each of your orders himself.

Philippe gaber ethical fashion made in France Label Made in Paris

Philippe Gaber label made in Paris 2023 edition for its organic cotton sweatshirts and t-shirts made in Paris since 2009

Philipp Label Made in Paris editions 2018 to 2023

Awarded each year by the City of Paris, the "Made in Paris" label aims to promote the diversity and richness of Parisian manufacturing.

Since its creation, it has rewarded and labeled artisans and products specifically Parisian.

The "Made in Paris" label responds to a strong demand from Parisians and tourists for objects embodying Parisian identity and traditions.

It also aims to highlight all the richness of local production and the dynamism of Parisian craftsmanship.

Philippe gaber ethical fashion made in Paris made in France since 2009

From the first stroke of pencil on the sketch At the last stitch

And this, from his workshop 71 rue Saint Maur in Paris.

It is important for him to be able to supervise all the details of the manufacturing process, so that he can create something of quality, personal, eco-responsible and completely unique for you.

Indeed, Philipp guarantees you that each of the steps necessary to manufacture your order is done, exclusively by philipp himself from his workshop located at 71 rue Saint Maur Paris 11e.

Philipp assures you of transparency about your product by indicating the origins, if there are certifications and its reference just like who makes your product, but here, it's not complicated, it's the same and only person!

All these details, imperceptible, make your product unique and quality! 

Les 3 PLIS, (the 3 Folds)

THE exclusive signature

By Philipp Gaber since 2009.

They are the 3P of philipp just like, a nod to the tricolor flag.

Affixed to the collar or sleeve of your sweatshirt t-shirt, see on a tie, a scarves, a leather card holder, a belt..

The 3 Folds are the aesthetic guarantee seal, the small signature to mean that your product is well manufactured in Paris by Philipp Gaber.

In 2020, he has fun removing Philipp's E with reference to the 3 folds but especially because no one pronounces the e at the end. He then changed his logo to Philipp Gaber by highlighting the red white blue on the P's of his first name.

Philippe Gaber the 3 signature folds of a manufacture made in France finally, Made in Paris France!

Philippe gaber ethical fashion made in Paris made in France since 2009

Philipp Gaber 

Born on the other side of the border, somewhere in Wallonia, he studied for 5 years at the Cambre Mode(s) in Brussels.

His men's collections are noticed by TD and Philippe will present it at Come See the Light 1998 and the Barclay Catwalk Vision of Emerging Int'l Designer 1999 in Zurich, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Spotted in 1999 by a large luxury house in Paris, he obtained a position as a male studio assistant for this house. This is an opportunity for him to settle in Paris.

He later worked for various luxury brands as an artistic director and creative consultant. It will meet new challenges by creating an inseparable link between fashion, clothing, a collection, communication, perfume, communication, strategy and marketing.

Rich in all these experiences and passionate about know-how, "made in France", masculine elegance, he created his first products in 2008 before formalizing his eponymous brand through his online store in 2009.

While dedicating himself to his brand, he shares his experiences and knowledge, as well as his passions on know-how, luxury and "made in France" with future fashion talents, professionals, his customers and all enthusiasts.