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These FAQs are in progress,

If you can not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact Philippe Gaber by phone on +33 (0) 1 56 98 05 21, or by mail via the contact form.

You can also simply enrich these FAQs with your questions that Philippe Gaber will be happy to answer with the help of the contact form.

Les présentes faq sont en cours de réalisation,

Si vous ne trouvez pas la réponse à votre question, surtout n'hésitez pas de contacter Philippe Gaber par téléphone au 01 56 98 05 21, ou par mail via le formulaire de contact. Vous pouvez aussi enrichir tout simplement les présentes FAQ avec vos questions auxquels Philippe Gaber se fera un plaisir d'y répondre à l'aide du  formulaire de contact.

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How long have you been manufacturing?

It was in 2009 that I formalized my brand and decided to manufacture each product I offer to order. 

Made to order?

Indeed, it is another way of seeing things and implementing ethics and my eco-responsibility is what is called SLOW FASHION. Since 2009, I have been cutting and manufacturing when you place your order! This allows you, for example, to ask me for a shorter or longer sleeve length for a sweatshirt, to have a t-shirt length more adapted to your morphology or even to have a unique and exclusive embroidery for you but also a handkerchief or tie to your dimensions ....

When I manufacture for your order, I do not contribute to the most polluting industry in the world because in addition to fabrics, there is also all the mass overproduction that is polluting, cargo ships that come from the other side of the world to bring you your next t-shirt, not to mention all the product stocks that are not sold after using an impressive number of resources for nothing. Also by choosing to manufacture to order, I respect the organic fabric, its manufacture, its harvest, the company and its employees, I respect all the steps and people who contributed to these important steps but who have above all obtained the Global Organic Textile Standard label with all the ecological, social commitment as well as all the obligations and constraints that this imposes on them.

In my opinion, it is unthinkable today to design to sell or mass manufacture organic cotton t-shirts (whether in France or across borders) it is exactly the same as making it from a single cotton. It’s a strategy, half-full glass, an illusion because we ask for organic we make organic regardless of the consequences and impact on the environment and the same social impact of clothing or social... In fact, in this case for me, there is no difference between your organic cotton evening t-shirt or not because it is a mass overproduction.

For me if I choose Gots certified organic cotton I must also consider it differently and therefore manufacture differently, in Slow fashion and therefore manufacture for your order.

Why a manufacturing delay?

This is called SLOW FASHION, offering another way to buy your clothes, taking into account people and their commitments but also taking into account the product itself. It's also nice I think I can say my t-shirt was made by Philippe he took the time to do it and made himself especially for me. It is also the idea of not proposing a fashion that floods the whole earth.

It's mainly because there is only one person who makes, I'm Philipp. Yes, it is me who carries out each of the necessary steps for your order until the time of packaging and depositing it at the post office. Then if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to make an appointment and come to check yourself and make sure. 

You will find that everything is well made in my Atelier, that there is no subcontractor, that I am not a factory and other people who manufacture in all directions. 

The manufacturing time allows me to take the necessary time and focus on your order and its manufacture with total transparency. I am well aware that it is frustrating and often prohibitive for many it is a choice, either I consider slow fashion and agree to respect your garment its manufacture but especially its fabric (thus, all those who have harvested and woven it with eco-responsible commitment) without whom it would not exist.

Can we come to your shop? 

PhilippeGaber's workshop is unfortunately not a store on the street, so you will not find finished products on display or available for immediate sale.

This is the workshop where he manufactures your order. But coming to the workshop is quite possible. Philippe gaber, will be happy to welcome you to check your size, place an order, pick up your order, choose a fabric, a finish, see up close the colors of the threads for embroidery, the style of initials, ect .... . However, to ensure its greatest availability, it is necessary to make an appointment by Phone or via our contact form.

Can I buy in my country?

Philippe Gaber is accessible for most countries all over the world. To date, it has already delivered on many continents and many customers have already enthusiastically bought products made ethically by Philippe since his workshop in Paris such as Japan, Australia, China, India. , Canada, Usa, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates Countries, even also to more remote countries.

It is possible that your Country is not available and we invite you to contact Philippe via the contact form to check with you if it can deliver in your country because, indeed, the delivery is sometimes not activated for some countries because Philippe Gaber must check with its carriers the possibilities but also the delivery rates (which are sometimes excessive according to him)

Just as also according to some countries the difficulties for means of payment that are not all accepted by its online payment system.

Philippe Gaber will look for a solution to allow your order and thus best meet your request and will allow you to proudly wear your ethically manufactured product in Paris.

Is it possible to do a particular embroidery?  

We invite you to contact Philippe Gaber directly by phone or through the contact form, he will be able to answer you more simply on feasibility, deadlines, prices and possibilities according to the desired quantities. It is important to note that Philippe Gaber embroiders only the products he manufactures, so there is no need to contact him to have your pajamas, shirt cuffs or briefs embroidered.


What yarn do you use for embroidery?

The embroidered thread is made of 100% viscose, a perfect aleternaltive to silk, because Enka viscose is ecological but also vegan.

ENKA viscose is a natural product: The base material, cellulose, is made of sustainably made wood and transformed into high-quality viscose yarn at different levels of production according to ecological demands. Biodegradable!

It is delicate and very silky resistant. Embroidery made with SULKY® thread will keep its brilliance for years. The origin of these benefits comes from the manufacturing process that preserves the environment and conserves the natural resources of the yarn.

If you want another color do not hesitate to contact philippegaber.

The yarn is labeled Confiance Textile OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 N° BXX20718, OEKO-TEX® is a label aimed at guaranteeing the human-ecological qualities of textiles and yarn: free of products toxic to the body and the environment.


I want a different color for embroidery than those proposed?

Do not hesitate to contact Philippe gaber to tell him the color you would want.

Philippe Gaber has access to a very wide range of color 400 colors of Viscoe ENKA yarn. The color is on order with therefore a small delay for the receipt of the color and then the normal time indicated for the manufacture of your order.

Below is an overview of ENKA Viscose colors that can be ordered by Philippe Gaber



handkerchiefs made in France ?

Yes, all the tissues offered are made by Philippe in organic cotton woven in France 'Textile Biologique' and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified License number: 116438 issued by Ecocert Greenlife. The handkerchiefs are then cut, rolled stitched and then embroidered (if you have chosen this option) by Philipep Gaber from his workshop in Paris. In addition, the EMBROIDERY THREAD is made of 100% VISCOSE ENKA and certified OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 BXX 20718. The mention Organic Textiles requires that 95% of fibers come from organic farming. Handkerchiefs are thus guaranteed without any chemicals that respect the environment but also humans, which avoids all possible inconvenience and allergies.

What size for French organic cotton Handkerchiefs made in Paris?

Philippe gaber propose actuellement 3 format pour les mouchoirs

Square of 30*30 cm finished (including 5mm hem) this is the small handkerchief, pocket handkerchief or jacket pouch version. The most sought-after format at PhilippeGaber for any occasion, wedding, birthday, mother's day and father's day, also offered as a child handkerchief.

Square of 40*40 cm finished (including 5mm hem)This dimension is associated in Asian Countries, great Handkerchief fans, with the Handkerchiefs version for Women. More generous in size, it is the large handkerchief of yesteryear. It is perfectly suitable for the real use of the organic cotton handkerchief.

Square of 45*45 cm finished (including 5mm hem) Large square, it will be the luxury handkerchief, wider and will also be suitable as a small neckband, small Bandana or wrist / hair accessory. It is also highly appreciated by its greatness as a handkerchief and this dimension is associated in Asian Countries, still having the cult of handkerchiefs, as the handkerchief version for men.

It is also possible to have the square version 50X50cm or even 80X80cm as a real square with multiple uses. Do not hesitate to contact Philippe Gaber if you want another dimension or more information on the formats offered.

What does GOTS mean?


It is a global reference in terms of the evaluation of organic fibers, integrating social and ecological aspects, based on independent certification of the entire supply chain to guarantee the organic character of textiles from the harvest of raw materials, through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, to labelling, in order to provide a reliable guarantee to the final consumer.

It is also important to note that GOTS is without any allegenic risks regarding the fabric since no harmful chemicals used in the traditional textile industry such as chromium can under any circumstances be used for a GOTS-labelled fabric.

Philippe Gaber guarantees that he will perine this process during manufacture until you receive the product at home. Gots guarantees total transparency since the cultivation of cotton, its harvest, its weaving in every detail everything is closely scrutinized to ensure that nothing could depart from the commitments of the specifications until Philippe Gaber received it at home.

For more informations


What to do with silk paper?

Philippe gaber packs each product in tissue paper. Made in France by Monsegur EPV stationery and FSC certified. The first recommendation is above all not to throw it away because it is very useful, store it carefully by folding it. Keep it to iron, in fact, ironing is not always something very pleasant and the obsession is to burn because the iron is too hot.

Then it's better to burn tissue paper than burn your garment or scarf! Use Tissue to iron your garment, it will protect it if an iron is too hot. It will avoid polishing dark-colored clothes because it very quickly marked a black garment with its iron, which is not the case with tissue paper. Therefore, you give your garment more chance to last longer.

Also it allows you to keep your scarf but all other precious things away from light as long as you don't wear it or to better preserve it. So useful for carefully storing a tie, scarf, precious book, photos...

Finally, it is also quite convenient to protect your next small gifts sent to your loved ones... So give all your chances to the precious tissue paper that it is always good to treasure and preserve what is important to you. It is also an eco-responsible gesture.


Is it possible to request a longer Organic Sweatshirt at the sleeves and bottom?

ABSOLUTELY! As your sweatshirt is cut and manufactured for your order, Philippe Gaber will be happy to cut the length that suits you, at no extra charge! This is what makes all the peculiarity of an organic sweatshirt made by Philippe Gaber, 'No more water in the cellars', because your arms are longer than the industrial standard! Simply communicate the desired length to Philippe, it is also possible to come to the workshop so that he takes the length of his arm and back.

Especially since it is important to take into account that the sweatshirt will be able to shrink by a maximum of 5%, so it is better to take this into account a little for the length. Philippe Gaber, already adds an extra cm to the bottom of the sleeves and sweatshirt for this possible shrinkage.

In addition, Philippe gaber offers you alternative sizes (M Slim, L Slim, XL Slim) to best meet your morphology.

Do not hesitate to contact Philippe on 01 56 98 05 21 for any further information or to make an appointment.


Can I have my sweatshirt / T-shirt embroidered with initials / sentence or drawing?

Yes, but only on Philippe gaber's products. We invite you to get closer directly to philippe Gaber who will be happy to see with you what you would like to embroider: initials, texts, logo, drawing... It is also possible to make a digital print with an extra charge (price depending on the pattern, dimensions, number of colors and color of the sweatshirt - a supplement is made for dark colors such as black, navy blue,... ) For more information: 0156980521 

Do you make the tailor-made T-shirt?

Above all, it is important to re-define the tailor-made, because indeed, this name is simply the realization of a piece in a woven fabric: tailoring suit, suit pants shirt from your measurements (measurements) taken with a tape measure. Regarding a jersey t-shirt, made of cotton knitting and therefore stretchy, it cannot be made with your measurements, especially for reasons of ease and especially since a t-shirt is not intended to be worn as a shirt or suit.

The T-shirt was originally worn as an underwear by GIs, but is now used as a garment in its own right, marking the relaxation of its wearer, especially in the summer.

Even if Philippe Gaber has reviewed the T-shirt's cut by offering it slightly fitted, it remains the T-shaped garment that will follow you through the years and will go beyond the fashions that are less ethical and eco-responsible.

On the other hand, like the organic sweatshirt, you can ask Philippe Gaber to cut your organic T-shirt longer or shorter for the bottom as well as for the sleeves.

However, it happens by a certain distortion that I am told: "But yes, it is tailor-made because you make it! "Indeed, it is I who cuts and makes it in its entirety from my workshop in Paris but not from your measurements. So the tailor-made one should be replaced here by "Yes he made it (made) especially for me from his workshop because you order and I manufacture! "

Which is more chic.

I want an express order is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but it is best to contact Philippe Gaber directly on 01 56 98 05 21 who will confirm whether or not it is possible depending on the number of orders he has in progress.

It is possible to send by courier to Paris the same day or the next day according to the necessary manufacturing time, it is also possible to deliver In France and Eu with FeDex Express D+1 (at the customer's expense), Philippe Gaber will inform you of the price and any additional information and the procedure to follow.Due to express manufacturing, Philippe Gaber may have to add fees for this priority.


I made a mistake in the size, is it possible to exchange?

Yes, absolutely, you can simply apply to Philippe Gaber to check your size and exchange your product.

A new manufacturing time for your product in exchange will be necessary (Philippe will do everything possible to shorten the time). The return costs will be your responsibility but Philippe Gaber re-ships your new product at his expense. We draw your attention to the fact that an exchange is unfortunately not possible if your product has been personalized (embroidered).

That's why Philippe Gaber recommends that you do not ask for customization (embroidery) when ordering if you are not sure of your size. It is also possible to have your sweatshirt personalized, T-shirt on request from Philippe Gaber. 

A GOTS certified organic cotton T-shirt vs. an organic T-shirt?

More and more confusion is caused by unscrupulous brands, displaying super ethical, super clean, super ecological and organic t-shirt, and yet they are only OEKO-TEX® Standard...
Unlike Gots (Global Organic Textile Standard) A t-shirt or OEKO-TEX® product just means that the yarn used to make and knit your t-shirt is guaranteed without substances harmful to humans and the environment. Nothing else! An OEKO-TEX® t-shrit does not guarantee in any way the way the jersey of your T-shirt was grown, woven, does not guarantee only 90% less water, that it is knitted with a social and eco-responsible aspect and even less on the way it is then made!

OEKO-TEX® is for your T-shirt just the yarn of 10 to 15% of the entire manufacturing process of your t-shirt.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is only for all yarns: yarns for woven, sewing, and embroidery or for certain products such as zips... but this does not go very far used alone. It is associated with the Gots that it will have full meaning

Because GOTS guarantees you total transparency from the moment it is grown until you receive the product. Philippe Gaber fights body and soul at this level and takes all the steps (a long process) to be GOTS certified But it does not stand being deceived and confusing you about something that is essential and the future, by a team of broken marketing arms who launched a marketing t-shirt simply OEKO-TEX® and especially misleading because it is supposedly totally clean...

Stay alert and find out about these labels yourself: A real GOTS logo must always include a CERES type license number or in the form of a license number: 116438 issued by Ecocert Greenlife - So it is not enough to write Organic cotton or Gots cotton but to make sure that there is a license granted for this cotton.


Handkerchiefs really made in France?

Yes, all the handkerchiefs from Philippe Gaber are woven in France by a French company that weaves the handkerchief organic cotton who's GOTS certified (Global Organic Standard Textile) License No .: 116438 issued by Ecocert Greenlife.The mention of organic textiles requires that 95% of the fibers come from organic farming.

The handkerchiefs are then cut, rolled hem and embroidered (if you chose this option) by Philipp from his Atelier in Paris.

Handkerchiefs are thus guaranteed without any chemicals respecting the environment but also the man, which avoids all the inconvenience and any possible allergy.