PhilippeGaber's workshop is unfortunately not a Gable shop, so you will not find finished products on display or available for immediate sale.

This is the workshop where he manufactures your order. Coming to the workshop is quite possible. Philipp, will be happy to welcome you to check your size and take your order. To ensure its availability and welcome you by giving you the necessary time, your visit to the workshop is only by appointment.

It was in 2009 that Philippe formalized his eponymous brand. He is one of the, see the initiator in 2009, of the strong return made in France, of the new wave Made in France. Indeed, in 2009, Made in France is not something in high demand.

There are almost no "young" brands that offer 100% Made in France fashion. In addition, Philippe notes that it is impossible to have clothes manufactured in France (a 100% manufacture, he specifies) because very often it is a 60% over-border manufacture and a maximum of 40% in France.

It was then that Philippe, without hesitation, decided to make all the clothes and accessories he proposed himself and then launched in 2009, a very simple principle: You order and Philipp manufactures your order ethically from his workshop 71 rue Saint Maur in Paris.

In 2009, Philippe found that it is impossible to have clothes manufactured in France (a 100% precise manufacture) because very often it is a 60% cross-border and 40% maximum in France.

It was then that Philippe, without hesitation, decided to make all the clothes and accessories he proposed himself and then launched in 2009, a very simple principle: You order and Philipp manufactures your order ethically from his workshop 71 rue Saint Maur in Paris.

Philippe cuts and manufactures when you place your order! This allows you, for example, to ask me for a shorter or longer sleeve length for a sweatshirt, to have a t-shirt length more adapted to your morphology or to have a unique and exclusive embroidery for you but also a handkerchief or a tie to your dimensions...

When I manufacture for your order, I do not contribute to the most polluting industry in the world because in addition to fabrics, there is also all the mass overproduction that is polluting, the cargo ships who come from the other side of the world to bring you your next t-shirt, not to mention all the stock products that are not sold after using an impressive number of resources for nothing.

Also by choosing to manufacture to order, I respect the organic fabric, its manufacture, its harvest, the company and its employees, I respect all the steps and people who have contributed to these important steps but who have above all obtained the Global Organic Textile Standard label with all the ecological, social commitment as well as all the obligations and constraints that this imposes on them. In my opinion, it is unthinkable today to design to sell or mass manufacture organic cotton t-shirts (whether in France or across borders) it amounts to exactly the same thing as making it from simple cotton.

It's a strategy, half-full glass, an illusion because we ask for organic we make organic regardless of the consequences and impact on the environment and the same social impact of clothing manufacturing or social... In fact, in this case for me, there is no difference between your organic cotton evening t-shirt or not because it is a mass overproduction.

No, made to order does not mean tailor-made.

Tailor-made means that we have taken your measurements and make the garment from all your measurements. The tailor-made gets along perfectly for a suit or a shirt. But Philippe Gaber does not make tailor-made for a T-shirt or sweatshirt which in essence are so-called casual, relaxed and therefore not tailor-made clothes.

Manufacturing to order is ethical because it means that there is no overproduction factory manufacturing come by container etc... There is no stock at philipp.C'est coupé puis confectionné par philippe pour une fabrication locale et éco-responsable. Cependant et ce qui va suivre ne veux pas dire sur-mesure attention.

So however, as your sweatshirt or t-shirt or sweatshirt is cut for your order, philippe can adapt the sweatshirt and t-shirt by lengthening or shortening the bottom of the garment and do the same for long or less long sleeves.

It's just a not tailor-made but an adaptation!


Awarded each year by the City of Paris, the "Made in Paris" label aims to promote the diversity and richness of Parisian manufacturing.

Since its creation, it has rewarded and labeled artisans and products specifically Parisian. The "Made in Paris" label responds to a strong demand from Parisians and tourists for objects embodying Parisian identity and traditions. It also aims to highlight all the richness of local production and the dynamism of Parisian craftsmanship.

A visibility tool for the product and its manufacturer, this label must be a mark of recognition and a guarantee of quality for all consumers, Parisians and tourists, in search of authenticity. This label distinguishes products whose local nature of the manufacturing or processing process (Paris intra-muros) is proven.

These are products whose manufacture or last processing resulting in the creation of a new product was carried out in Paris and whose added value was mainly produced in Paris. More information on the label made in Paris on the website of the city of Paris and found there all the labeled


It is a world reference in terms of evaluation of organic fibers, integrating social and ecological aspects, based on independent certification of the entire supply chain to guarantee the organic character of textiles from the harvesting of raw materials, through responsible manufacturing from a social and environmental point of view, to labelling, in order to provide a reliable guarantee to the final consumer.

It is also important to note that GOTS is without any allergenic risks concerning the fabric since no harmful chemicals used in the traditional textile industry such as chromium, can under no circumstances be used for a GOTS-labelled fabric.Philippe Gaber guarantees that he will perenize this process during the preparation until the moment you receive the product at home.

Gots guarantees total transparency since the cultivation of cotton, its harvest, its weaving in every detail everything is scrutinized closely to ensure that nothing could derogate from the commitments of the specifications until the moment Philippe Gaber receives it at home. For more information on Global Organic Textile Standard, visit their online site:

Currently the only place in France to buy my products is on my online store. There are currently no products marketed in a shop.

No, Philippe is not a factory and does not manufacture in white label whether it is small, medium or large quantity. 

Yes, Philipp has made many orders for companies.

Whether it's corporate gifts, exclusive products such as collector's handkerchiefs for the Deluxe box of Gjon Tears' first album.

All products are however signed and marked Philipp Gaber

Do you have a project? Do not hesitate to contact Philippe +33156980521 orFrom the contact form

as many companies have already done such as Lazard, Hôtel Rosalie, Habitat Haut de Seine, Axa Assurance, les vins George Duboeuf, Poma, Dior, Musee de Cluny, Grevin, Hawe, Jo&Co pour Gjon Tears, Marché de Léopold, La Mairie de paris 11, ... 

FAQS around Philippe Gaber's personalized French handkerchiefs

The Handkerchiefs are made of organic cotton twill which is certified Global Organic Textile Standard.

Unlike a poplin, cotton twill is a luxurious fabric because it is woven in an extra long fiber (ELS: extra long staples) providing great softness, remarkable flexibility, lightness, resistance.

(it was also previously called Egyptian cotton). Elegant, timeless French handkerchiefs, indisputable accessories of an eco-responsible zero-waste fashion because, infinitely reusable!

Philippe Gaber has access to a very wide color range 400 colors of ENKA Viscose thread.

The color is on order with therefore, a small delay for the receipt of the color and then the normal time indicated for the manufacture of your order.

Below is an overview of the ENKA Viscose colors that can be ordered by Philipp.



Philippe gaber currently offers 3 formats for handkerchiefs

Square of 30*30 cm finished (5mm hem included) this is the small handkerchief, pocket handkerchief or jacket pouch version. The most requested format at PhilippeGaber for all occasions, wedding, birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day, also offered as a children's handkerchief.

Square of 40*40 cm finished (5mm hem included) This dimension is associated in Asian Countries, great Fans of handkerchiefs, with the Handkerchiefs for Women version. More generous in size, it is the great handkerchief of yesteryear. It is perfectly suitable for a real use of the handkerchief.

Square of 45*45 cm finished (5mm hem included) Large square, it will be the luxury handkerchief, looser and will also be suitable as a small choker, small Bandana or wrist / hair accessory. It is also very appreciated for its greatness as a handkerchief and this dimension is associated in Asian Countries, still having the cult of handkerchiefs, as the handkerchief version for men.

It is also possible to have the 50X50cm square version or even 80X80cm as a real square with multiple uses. Do not hesitate to contact Philippe Gaber if you want another dimension or more information on the proposed formats.

In addition to using the organic cotton handkerchief to blow your nose, And even if it is not advisable to use it in case of a big cold.

It will always be useful to have your French fabric handkerchief on you, after affixing a few drops of essential oil of Eucalyptus, peppermint and Ravintasra! Breathe your handkerchief and by this gesture you to unclog your nose and it allows you to breathe better and be a little less irritated.

It is very useful to have a French organic cotton twill handkerchief with you on a daily basis: The other uses of the French fabric handkerchief to absolutely always have with you on a daily basis, in addition to being eco-responsible and no longer using disposable handkerchiefs:

It will be very useful when you have to rub the mouth of your child who enjoyed himself, console him when he cries with hot tears after a small fall or even clean his little bobo with water.

Quickly give him your (clean) handkerchief when he has lost his comforter it will comfort him with the softness of the handkerchief.

But it is too often forgotten, they are also used to wipe your forehead in case of high heat, cool down after moistening it, breathe through it in case of high pollution, clean the screen of your phone or tablet just like cleaning your glasses.

The best reason to wear a handkerchief is to lend it to a woman, give it to a friend who has heartache or tears of joy! An elegant gesture, so gentleman as Robert de Niro said so well in the Film The Trainee.

But also in the Godfather where he really needs a handkerchief! Moreover, fortunately, Mr. De Niro in the Godfather had used his fabric handkerchief as a suit jacket pouch!

The most important thing is what you will do with it yourself and no matter the others!

Here is all the advice from philipp who has been making and personalizing your French handkerchiefs since 2009

Wash your tissues at 30/40°C with similar colors and laundry without optical brighteners and bleaching agents. The Enka 100% viscose embroidery thread does not fade and supports washing up to 90°. The wire will remain silky and bright over time. Do not use whitening agents for your embroidered tissues.

For a more responsible gesture, avoid using the fabric softener. Replace it in the tray provided for this purpose with white vinegar. Indeed, vinegar is used to purify laundry, eliminates a large number of stains and removes bad odors while preserving colors and above all, it is a natural softener that softens the water and makes your laundry softer and at the same time descales your machine, 100% natural and organic!

The shrinkage rate of cotton is a maximum of 5%.

The Ironing of your French handkerchiefs:

To make it easier for ironing, I advise you to iron your fabric tissues that are still slightly wet. For your French handkerchiefs personalized by Philipp Gaber, I recommend that you start ironing on the back, not directly by embroidery. but from another corner of the handkerchief to return to the embroidery.

Ironing is also an opportunity to restore your handkerchief.

If they are already dry, moisten your tissue copiously with a spray (mixture of water and household vinegar). Place them in an airtight plastic bag and close. Leave on for half an hour. This action has the effect of evenly distributing the humidity, which helps to relax the fibers and makes it much easier to have ironing. A solution that I always use and that I recommend for shirts as well. This is surprising.

Ironing aid. If you don't have time and want to quickly iron your tissues. Take an empty Spray Put half of white vinegar a spoon of household alcohol and supplement with cold or warm water. You have a quick and simple ironing aid. Spray on your tissues, leave on for 2 to 3 minutes and iron your tissues!

To starch your tissues and offer them a perfect rendering. Use starch already ready. Also no, you can make the same recipe as the ironing aid mentioned above. Add starch crystals (a pinch! It must not exceed a third of a teaspoon). Add hot water.. Shake to dilute the crystals. Spray and iron.

Finally, keep your tissues impeccably ironed in the beautiful Philippe Gaber recycled cardboard box

Yes However, regarding fonts, the typography used by PHILIPPE GABER to personalize and embroider your French handkerchiefs, are optimized for embroidery.

It happens that a font that looks very good on the screen is absolutely not well treated but above all adapted in embroidery because of the finesse, size and work of the stitch. there are many constraints. but Philipp studies the possibility and will very quickly tell you the feasibility and alternatives if necessary.

A supplement will be requested from the customer for the work of a new design and or other font proposed by philippe

Philipp's French organic cotton handkerchiefs are finished with a machine stitched roll.

To avoid all, confusion about the word rolled, this is not a rolled hand. Indeed, a rolled hand requires more time and the price would be much higher.

For a hand roll of the hand of the handkerchief it is necessary to add about 45 to 85 euros in addition to the price of the handkerchiefs, depending on the size of the chosen handkerchief

However, philipp, chose the classic and traditional finish of the handkerchief: ourlotted / rolled stitched with the 5mm machine, which is the guarantee of quality of a handkerchief and the real finish of the handkerchief.

Personalized fabric handkerchiefs are available on many occasions such as: A Wedding: The fabric handkerchief embroidered with the initials or with the first name, a small sentence as for your tears of joy, is very often offered to the Bride by her bridesmaids on the wedding day, just after putting on her bride dress.

The personalized handkerchief with the embroidered initials is also offered to the Groom for use as a costume pouch.

It will always be very elegant and useful to have it to give it to the bride to wipe her tears of joy!

A gift for parents and grandparents from the Bride and Groom to immortalize this moment. The most common is to offer one or more handkerchiefs with the bride and groom's initials and the date of the wedding. This version is also requested to be offered to guests.

But very often, I am also asked to personalize cloth tissues by embroidering a very personal sentence for the bride's mom and dad. A birth, a baptism, a communion...

Personalized handkerchiefs are also very often requested to be offered on the occasion of a birth, a baptism or a communion with the first name of the embroidered child. It is also offered at birth to the mother with the first name and the day of birth.

This will be very useful to her as soon as she receives it. There is also the gift for the first day of nursery, very often grandparents ask me to personalize a set of cloth tissues to be offered to the mother.

Indeed, it is very often asked by nurseries that mothers provide at least 3 to 6 cloth tissues for their little one. a Christmas gift, New Year, a retirement anniversary, end of internship gift...

I told you from the beginning there are many opportunities to offer personalized handkerchiefs. These occasions such as a birthday, Christmas, end-of-internship gift, are a perfect opportunity to offer a unique and exclusive gift!

Whether it is the handkerchief with the embroidered initials, the first name of the person, a date, a sentence, it will be the surprising useful gift that will delight the recipients, because it is really a very special attention.

FAQS around personalization

No, Philippe Gaber does not embroider products other than those he offers for his brand.

Yes, Philippe Gaber offers the possibility for companies to embroider their logo on a minimum of products.

Embroidery can only be done if the logo is not complex and does not have several colors (preferably monochrome). The conversion of the logo into embroidery stitches will be charged and the price of the embroidery will vary according to the quantities. Philippe Gaber also offers digital textile printing an excellent alternative for a complex and colorful logo.

It is also possible to ask Philippe Gaber to embroider initials with for example another outline, or decor, it is then better to contact Philippe Gaber directly by phone on 01 56 98 05 21 or via the contact form I want a different color for the embroidery than those proposed?

Do not hesitate to contact Philippe gaber to tell him the color you would like.

Philippe Gaber has access to a very wide color range 400 colors of ENKA Viscose thread.

The color is on order with therefore, a small delay for the receipt of the color and then the normal time indicated for the manufacture of your order.

Below is an overview of the ENKA Viscose colors that can be ordered by Philipp.



Philippe gaber offers embroidery directly on scarves and handkerchiefs.

But it is also possible to embroider your organic T-shirt or sweatshirt apron, card holder, is... only manufactured by Philippe Gaber

It is important to contact Philippe Gaber to make sure of the feasibility.

Unfortunately, No, this is not possible as stipulated in Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code. Art. L. 121-21-8. – 3°

All personalized products, embroidered initials, with a contrary mention such as the so-called "tailor-made" personalization by Philippe Gaber are neither exchangeable nor refundable because of their personalization.

In addition, please also note that personalized products cannot be subject to the right of withdrawal. In other words, when the order is validated and paid for by the customer, it cannot be subject to withdrawal or modification. However, do not hesitate to contact Philippe directly.

Above all, it is important to re-define the tailor-made Le, because indeed this name is simply the realization of a piece in a woven fabric: suit suit, suit pants shirt ..; from your measurements (measures) taken with a tape measure.

Regarding a jersey t-shirt, made of cotton knitting so stretch, it cannot be made with your measurements, especially for reasons of ease and especially that a t-shirt is not intended to be worn as a shirt or suit.

The T-shirt was originally worn as underwear by the G.I, but is now used as a garment in its own right, marking the relaxation of its wearer, especially in the summer.

Even if Philippe Gaber has reviewed the cut of the T-shirt by offering it slightly fitted, it remains the T-shaped garment that will follow you through the years and will surpass the fashions that are less ethical and eco-responsible.

On the other hand, like the organic sweatshirt, you can ask Philippe Gaber to cut your longer or shorter organic T-shirt for the bottom as well as for the sleeves.

However, it happens by a certain deformation that I am told: "But yes, it is tailor-made because it is you who make it! "Indeed, I am the one who cuts and makes it in its entirety from my workshop in Paris but not from your measurements. So the tailor-made, should here, be replaced by "Yes he made it (made) especially for me from his workshop because you order and I manufacture! "

Which is more chic.

Yes, absolutely, you can simply make the request to Philippe Gaber to check your size and exchange your product.

You can follow all the steps for an exchange request here for an exchange request or contact Philippe directly.

Be careful, however, this is not possible for a personalized product! A sweatshirt, T-shirt, handkerchief etc. with embroidered initials cannot be the subject of an exchange request or be refunded

A new manufacturing time of your product in exchange will be necessary (Philippe will do everything possible to shorten the time)

The return costs will be at your expense but Philippe Gaber re-ships your new product at his expense.

This is why Philippe Gaber recommends that you do not ask for customization (ebroth) when ordering if you are not sure of your size. It is also possible afterwards to have your sweatshirt, T-shirt personalized on simple request from Philippe Gaber.

Yes, it is possible but the best is to contact Philippe Gaber directly on 01 56 98 05 21 who will be able to confirm if it is possible or not depending on the number of orders he has in progress.

It is possible to send by courier to Paris the same day or the next day depending on the necessary manufacturing time, it is also possible to deliver in France and in Eu with FeDex Express D+1 (at the customer's expense), Philippe Gaber will inform you of the price and any additional information and the procedure to follow.

Due to express manufacturing, Philippe Gaber may have to add fees for this priority.

Can't find an answer to your question?

You have a question, you find that a topic or an answer to your question is missing, you can contact philipp by phone at +33156980521 or send him a message through the formulaire de contact ici