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La LPO, Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux est le représentant officiel de BirdLife International en France.

Because birds are my passion and brighten up my daily life. Indeed, every day at the windows of my workshop, come tits, blue tits, sparrows, two small tree finches, a Robin, and from time to time an oak jay,...All these birds have awakened my responsibility on nature that I already had, by setting up an ethical and eco-responsible manufacture but I wanted to join the LPO to support them in their actions to preserve its birds, while also formalizing my windows in an LPO refuge. It's fascinating and exciting to observe them as well as to draw them!! 

They also have superb magazines, and act a lot so do not hesitate to act too for biodiversity. You can make a Donation, join, subscribe to magazines, make your balcony or garden a refuge for birds, or buy small feeders on the official LPO store. 

Maison Au ver à Soie Paris


Inspired by art, sculpture and architecture, the designer offers jewelry with pure lines, timeless to compose, which allows him to wear it in many ways.
Everything is done by hand by Emilie. Reasonable price for quality items with a neat finish. Each item is handmade, so each item is unique.
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Maison Au ver à Soie Paris

Au Ver à Soie®

102 Rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris - France

House founded in 1820 and Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, Au ver à Soie, as its name suggests, offers a whole range of Made in France silk yarn ranging from beaded silk, Paris silk, Gobelin silk, Oval, superfine... Silk threads that, throughout the world, are very appreciated by many luxury houses as well as many craftsmen (embroiderers, upholsterers,...) but also with individuals who have the pleasure of embroider with silk thread of incomparable quality and offering a beautiful, subtle and delicate range of colors. It is with thread from the Maison au Ver à Soie, that I hand assemble the central seam of your tie. On occasion, go directly to Rue Réaumur
Also note the Silk Fishing line, developed especially for fishing and 100% made in France too!

Silk threads to discover absolutely and do not hesitate to order them the book released to celebrate their 200th anniversary!!

Mercerie de Charonne Paris 11


Maître chocolatier
10 Rue de l'Apport 22100  Dinan - France   +33 2 56 38 67 43

An unmissable address!!!!
Maison Bazille offers succulent chocolates, surprising and refined, rich in know-how and terribly good in the mouth. Unique and delicate creations, a French chocolate that we are proud to taste!

In addition, Maison Bazille is of particular attention because of its very warm welcome and its passion that makes our mouth water!! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bazille for this successful handily bet!

From Passage to Dinan, Rush into this Palace of Creation Gourmande and totally irresistible!!! There are also delicacies to order on the Site!!! It's a real delight for the eyes and taste buds!!!

Mercerie de Charonne Paris 11


8 Av. de la Soeur Rosalie, 75013 Paris - France +33 1 43 36 62 00
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A brand new superb hotel located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris that opened its doors on May 1, 2022 with An eco-responsible and locally manufactured universe from the reception, your room and even on your plate!
In addition, in the superior rooms and the junior suite you will have the pleasant surprise of being able to wear the dream sweatshirt (an oversized and longer hoodie made of Gots certified organic cotton specially imagined by Marie Azzi and myself to give you a pure moment of eco-responsible relaxation when you come to the hotel.

For relaxed moments in your room but also in the hotel's secret garden, which is only accessible by hotel guests. An eco-responsible vegetable aesthetic alliance and knowing how to receive and make 100% made in France.

While in Paris do not look for your hotel, Rosalie is the one you need and the one that will fully correspond to your ecological and aesthetic approach. In addition, with an incredible view of Paris for the junior suite and its small private balcony but also a breathtaking view of Paris from the superior rooms.
L'hôtel Rosalie saura vous accueillir avec beaucoup de délicates attentions et d'humanité

Or you can also simply go and enjoy their delicious cocktails while enjoying the garden and the calm of the hotel.

Mercerie de Charonne Paris 11

Mercerie de Charonne

69 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris

Behind a pink storefront, this classic haberdashery offers yarns, ribbons and sewing accessories. Sophie welcomes you there and does not hesitate to bring you all the good advice, tips in addition to her real alibaba cave

Discover a universe totally dedicated to creation, to your creations! Since 1990, the Mercerie de Charonne team has put at your disposal all the essential products to create your achievements. Articles for sewing (needles, needles, sewing scissors, linings, threads... Many fasteners of different styles to find the one that will best suit your realization (loop, buttons, snaps, straps...) Products to customize your creations such as lace, ribbons, tulle... The essentials of the pattern (scissors, chalks, double-

There is the online store
But I confess that nothing is worth a real detour to Sophie's to discover her wonders!

Mercerie de Charonne Paris 11

Jérome de Stéfano

Jeweler jeweler, talented. Superb collections of Men's and Women's silver jewelry work like wood.

Mercerie de Charonne Paris 11

Steeven Salvat

French artist passionate about drawing, nature, science and history. Talented, Steven makes beautiful drawings with bird ink

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