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Personalized organic handkerchiefs Embroidered and made in Paris by Philipp Gaber since 2009

Personalized organic handkerchiefs Embroidered and Pade in Paris France by Philipp Gaber since 2009

Personalized organic handkerchiefs  by Philipp Gaber receive the

Label Fabriqué à Paris édition 2022 Awarded by the City of Paris.

Indeed, Philipp guarantees you that each of the steps necessary for the manufacture of your French tissues: cut, rolled, stitched and Embroidered, is done exclusively by philipp, from his workshop located at 71 rue Saint Maur Paris 11th

Your embroidered organic handkerchiefs available in 3 different sizes

30x30cm it is the version small handkerchief, pocket handkerchief or jacket pouch

40x40cm: this dimension is associated in Asian Countries, great Fan of handkerchiefs, the Handkerchiefs for Women version. More generous in dimensions, it is perfectly suitable for a real use of the handkerchief.

45X45cm: Large square, it will be the luxury, looser handkerchief and will also be suitable as a small neckband, small Bandana or wrist / hair accessory. It is also very appreciated for its greatness as a handkerchief and this dimension is associated in Asian Countries, still having the cult of handkerchiefs, as the handkerchief version for men.

A Next size will soon be proposed by Philipp: zero cut tissues zero fabric waste.

Personalized organic handkerchiefs Embroidered and Pade in Paris France by Philipp Gaber since 2009
Personalized organic handkerchiefs Embroidered and Pade in Paris France by Philipp Gaber since 2009

Your personalized organic handkerchiefs Embroidered with your initials, first name or a sentence

Since 2009, Philipp Gaber has been offering you personalized organic cotton handkerchiefs, embroidered with your initials, with exclusive style and ornaments specially developed by Philipp who embroiders your handkerchiefs with a very wide range of embroidery thread colors in 100% Enka Viscose, wood cellulose.

The embroidered thread is made of 100% viscose, a perfect silk aleternaltive, because Enka viscose is ecological but also vegan.

ENKA viscose is a natural product: The basic material, cellulose, is made of sustainably made wood and transformed into high-quality viscose yarn at different levels of production according to ecological requests. Biodegradable!

It is delicate and very silky resistant. An embroidery made with SULKY® thread will keep its shine for years. The origin of these advantages comes from the manufacturing process that preserves the environment and preserves the natural resources of the wire.

Personalized French handkerchiefs that offer you the luxury of having totally exclusive and personal organic cotton handkerchiefs.

What uses for your organic handkerchiefs?


In addition to using the organic cotton handkerchief to blow your nose,

And even if it is not advisable to use it in case of a big cold. It will always be useful to have your French fabric handkerchief on you, after affixing a few drops of essential oil of Eucalyptus, peppermint and Ravintasra! Breathe your handkerchief and by this gesture you to unclog your nose and it allows you to breathe better and be a little less irritated.

It is very useful to have a French organic cotton twill handkerchief with you on a daily basis:

The other uses of the French fabric handkerchief to absolutely always have with you on a daily basis, in addition to being eco-responsible and no longer using disposable handkerchiefs: 

It will be very useful when you have to rub the mouth of your child who enjoyed himself, console him when he cries with hot tears after a small fall or even clean his little bobo with water. Quickly give him your (clean) handkerchief when he has lost his comforter it will comfort him with the softness of the handkerchief.

But it is too often forgotten, they are also used to wipe your forehead in case of high heat, cool down after moistening it, breathe through it in case of high pollution, clean the screen of your phone or tablet just like cleaning your glasses.

The best reason to wear a handkerchief is to lend it to a woman, give it to a friend who has heartache or tears of joy! An elegant gesture, so gentleman as Robert de Niro said so well in the Film 'The Intern'. But also in the Godfather where he really needs a handkerchief!

The most important thing is what you will do with it yourself and no matter the others!

Your French handkerchiefs in 100% organic cotton twill certified Global Organic Textile Standard

Concerned about quality and the environment, Philipp has chosen to use a Gots certified organic cotton for his handkerchiefs.

But especially in search of quality, softness, refinement, philipp offers luxurious Real Handkerchiefs in 100% Gots certified organic cotton Twill.

Unlike a simple poplin, the cotton twill is woven into an extra long fiber (ELS: extra long staples) bringing extreme softness, lightness, resistance to your handkerchiefs. (it was also previously called Egyptian cotton).

In short, Parisian cotton twill handkerchiefs are, extra soft hand and on the skin, soft with just what you need as a handkerchief thickness, for extremely pleasant but above all refined and very elegant handkerchiefs.


Takes into account the entire textile production process, covering: Integrity and traceability of raw materials; Respect for the Environment; Consumer health and finally, Social criteria.

Personalized organic handkerchiefs Embroidered and Pade in Paris France by Philipp Gaber since 2009

Care tips for your Organic handkerchiefs made in Paris: 

Wash your tissues at 30/40°C with similar colors and laundry without optical brighteners and bleaching agents. The Enka 100% viscose embroidery thread does not fade and supports washing up to 90°. The wire will remain silky and bright over time. Do not use whitening agents for your embroidered tissues.

For a more responsible gesture, avoid using the fabric softener. Replace it in the tray provided for this purpose with white vinegar. Indeed, vinegar is used to purify laundry, eliminates a large number of stains and removes bad odors while preserving colors and above all, it is a natural softener that softens the water and makes your laundry softer and at the same time descales your machine, 100% natural and organic!

The shrinkage rate of cotton is a maximum of 5%.

Ironing: To make it easier to iron, I advise you to iron your handkerchief that is still slightly wet. If it is already dry, moisten your tissue copiously with a spray, place it in an airtight plastic bag for half an hour to evenly remove the moisture and above all relax the fibers which will allow you to have a much easier ironing.