Black Organic T-shirt signature embroidered

The black organic embroidery t-shirt philippegaber signature made ethically in Paris by Philippe Gaber. Color embroidery to choose from as well as the length of the sleeves: short or long.

Organic t-shirt in straight cut, slightly close to the body worn super comfortable and an ultra soft touch.

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Black Organic T-shirt signature embroidered

T-shirt bio et Made in France t-shirt bio coton biologique Gots fabriqué à Paris depuis 2009 pour l'homme et la femme| PhilippeGaber

T-shirt Bio Made in France, T-shirt bio fleur de coton bio certifié Gots pour l'homme et la femme, une mode éthique fabriqué à Paris par Philippe Gaber

Organic T-shirt with PhilippeGaber signature embroidered

Men's and women's organic t-shirt

Your organic t-shirt has a straight cut, slightly close to the body that offers an elegant silhouette.

The round neck of your T-shirt does not rise too high and does not tighten your neck.

The short sleeves are not too tight or too wide. Also available in long lanches

On request when you order Philippe Gaber, make your T-shirt with the sleeve length that suits you.

For the finish of the collar, the sleeves and the bottom of each of the organic T-shirts, Philippe Gaber signs with an exclusive point which offers a solid, extensible and very resistant finish.

Finally, your t-shirt is ethical because it is made of organic cotton jersey, certified Global Organic Textile Standard.

An exclusive organic cotton knit to obtain a jersey of rare quality with a weight of 180 grm / m2.

Therefore, your PhilippeGaber organic t-shirt is ultra soft and offers you ultimate comfort.

Signature de Philippe gaber brodée

Véritable signature de Philippe Gaber, c'est la première fois qu'il ose l'apposée au fil d'or sur un tshirt bio noir. 

Viscose embroidery thread 

The embroidery thread is 100% viscose. A perfect alternative to silk, because the viscose Enka is ecological but also vegan.
ENKA viscose is a natural product: The basic material, cellulose, is made of sustainably produced wood and processed into high quality biodegradable viscose yarn at different production levels according to ecological requirements.
It is resistant delicate and very silky. An embroidery with SULKY® yarn keeps its shine for years.
The origin of these benefits comes from the manufacturing process that preserves the environment and retains the natural resources of the yarn.

The yarn is labeled OEKO-TEX® Textile Confidence Standard 100 N ° BXX20718.

OEKO-TEX® is a label that aims to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of yarn: free of toxic products for the body and the environment.

T-shirt Bio Made in France, T-shirt bio fleur de coton bio certifié Gots pour l'homme et la femme, une mode éthique fabriqué à Paris par Philippe Gaber

Your t-shirt is organic because:

The cotton that composes it is 100% organic cotton Gots and with the mention 'Textile Biologique'

As well as the edge-rib of the collar which is in 95% Organic Cotton Gots and 5% Spandex Gots

The jersey is naturally dyed without harmful products for man and the environment.
It is an eco-friendly and certified GOTS workshop located in Portugal that knits the organic cotton jersey used by Philippe Gaber.
This ethical company with extremely defined specifications, is committed to the social respect and the excellent working conditions of its employees at every moment, and is also committed to the protection of our environment.
Therefore, your tshirt is in a certified organic cotton GOTS CERES-076
Finally, the sewing threads and the Philippe Gaber label are OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD takes into account the entire textile production process, covering:

Integrity and traceability of raw materials
The respect of environment
Consumer health
and finally, social criteria.

The mention 'Organic Textiles': requires that 95% of the fibers come from organic farming

Your organic t-shirt is made in Paris?  : 

Indeed, Philippe Gaber, registered in the Chamber of Trades and Crafts, guaranteed that each of the steps necessary to the manufacture of your organic t-shirt as: CREATION / PATRONNAGE / GRADATIONS / COUPE / ASSEMBLAGE / BRODERIE / FINITIONS 

is made exclusively from the workshop at 71 RUE SAINT MAUR PARIS 11!
Therefore, a T-SHIRT Bio and MADE IN FRANCE.

Because, all the operations that follow the cut of the fabric of your organic t-shirt are carried out on the French territory by Philippe Gaber, from a single place: 71 RUE SAINT MAUR PARIS 11
So, a COMPLETE CONFECTION in PARIS of your Organic t-shirt

finally PACKAGING / Departure for DELIVERY: WORKSHOP 75011 PARIS

PACKAGING /  PAPIER scotch, étiquettes utilisés :  FRANCE - Papier recyclé FSC + ECOLABEL

T-shirt Bio Made in France, T-shirt bio fleur de coton bio certifié Gots pour l'homme et la femme, une mode éthique fabriqué à Paris par Philippe Gaber

Care tip for your organic t-shirt made in Paris

Wash and iron your organic T-shirt made in France on the reverse side.
Dry in the open air on a wire or flat in the shade.
Do not tumble dry. Do not use bleach.

For a more responsible gesture, avoid using the fabric softener. Replace it in the tray provided for this purpose with white vinegar!

Indeed, the vinegar is used to purify the linen, eliminates a large number of stains and makes disappear the bad smells while preserving the colors. In addition, it is a natural softener that softens the water and makes your laundry softer and at the same time descale your machine. So, a product 100% natural and organic!

To remove all grease stains, use Sommières clay (powdered stone, Montmorillonite) It is a 100% natural and ecological clay, safe for man and the environment.

Sprinkle a small pile of Sommières earth on your task and let it work overnight. The grease stain will peel off and come to nestle in the powder.

Finally, to remove residues, shake the fabric or brush.
This treatment can be renewed as many times as necessary because it will not damage the tissue.

The shrinkage rate of your organic T-shirt made in France is maximum 5%.