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Some Maisons and brands Made in France that I particularly appreciate.

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Maison au Ver a soie, fil de soie Made in France depuis 1820


Au Ver à Soie®


Maison fondée en 1820 et Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, Au ver à Soie, comme son nom l'indique propose toute une gamme fil de soie Made in France allant de la soie perlée, la soie Paris, de la soie Gobelin, Ovale, surfine ...

Silk threads that, throughout the world, are highly appreciated by many luxury houses as many artisans (embroiderers, upholsterers, ...) but also from individuals with the pleasure of embroidering with silk thread of incomparable quality and offering a range of beautiful colors, subtle and delicate.

It is with the thread of the House to the Silkworm, that I assemble by hand the central seam of your tie. On occasion, go directly Rue Réaumur

Also note the line Silk Fishing, developed especially for fishing and 100% made in France too!

Silk threads to discover absolutely: www.auverasoie.com 

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Anonyme Paris


Anonyme Paris


House founded 2012 by Vingent Guillet, the house offers leather goods, small leather goods, belts and sneakers made with real expertise and 100% Made in France.

I really have a weakness on the whole collection, and look forward to the next rooms anonymity is a luxury.

Discover without delay The French brand of accessories combining luxury and sobriety. Anonyme Paris represents the excellence and the French artisanal know-how: https://anonyme-paris.fr

La boutique se trouve 6 Rue de la Vrillière 75001 PARIS

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Cirier since 1643, scented candles with haunting smells and the universe if, scented cameo, candles busts incredible notament Napoleon, Louis XIV ... all Made in France.

I have a real crush on the Solix Rex (Versailles Parquet) and Trianon (white flowers) candles that I like to use as a delicate olfactory signature in my studio.

To discover and feel absolutely Trudon candles are available on https://trudon.com

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Jérôme de Stéfano


Jewelery in Paris since 2016, Jérôme de Stéfano, who is a friend that I appreciate a lot, offers in particular, a very beautiful line of silver jewelry Woo for the man and the woman Made in France for which he received Label Made in Paris. It also offers a collection of fancy jewelry for women.

All his silver jewels and costume jewelery, are manufactured by Jérôme and Armel since their Atelier - Boutique 14 rue Poissonniere 75002 Paris.

Do not hesitate to visit them and discover their jewelry collection, the unique pieces and also discover the passion and know-how that Jerome and Armel will share with pleasure during your visit.

To discover the signature silver jewelry collection WOOD made in Paris: https://jeromedestefano.fr

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Kost Paris chaussures Made in France

KOST PARIS (chaussures)

Since 2009, Kost Paris offers leather shoes made in France in a classic but very rock, and recently, Kost offers a line of eco-friendly boots and made in France.

I love their boots and leather boots I also fell for one of their pair Made in France that I love to have on foot!

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Patricia Ferraris Hand made in Paris accessoires sympa made in France


Patricia Ferraris


One of my former students I particularly love, because of his world and his sensitivity. She was able to surprise us with her creative universe for the child in other.

Today, Patricia offers small leather accessories, or bow ties that she creates and makes herself in Paris.

I have a weakness for his removable leather shoe fringes, and his little bracelets.

Do not hesitate to visit the shop of Particia and let yourself be seduced by its accessories: : https://www.etsy.com/fr/shop/PatriciaFerraris

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Papeterie Montsegur


Fondée en 1840,  la Papeterie Montsegure, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant, est le leader du papier de Soie 100% Made in france et en plus respectueuse de l'environemment.

Il s'agit du papier de soie que j'utilise pour emballer chacune de vos commandes. 


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La droguerie parisienne


Located 3 Rue Guillaume Bertrand, Paris 11, between traditional drugstore and contemporary shop, This is where I buy in other, my land of salmon and all my little tricks and objects very useful for the home and mostly Made in France.

The reception is very nice without forgetting the very good advice, useful tips come complete this little paradise of the Parisian find so a small visit is mandatory!


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Pillivuyt, porcelain for 200 years, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant is absolutely to discover!

I was born in the region where the famous Belgian Procerlain and Royal de Villeroy Boch were made, unfortunately disappeared ever since. So I have always been very sensitive to this Art of the table and the know-how of the procelainiers. Through Pillivuyt, I find this spirit and refined art, sober, pruning and robust. Who today that I fell in love for these objects made in France of very good quality.


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