Made ethically in Paris since 2009 for your order

It is, ten years of a Made in France totally eco-responsible without waste all, with eco-elegance Paris. 

It is in 2009 that Philippe Gaber formalizes his eponymous brand.

He adds "Made in Paris" to indicate that all products are made from his workshop. Because, Philippe strives to design and personally ensures the manufacture of all of its products.

From the first stroke of the pencil on the sketch to the last point of sewing and this, since his workshop located 71 rue Saint Maur 75011 Paris. It is important for him, to be able to supervise all the details of the manufacturing process, so that he can create something of quality, personal, eco-responsible and very unique for you.

Each product offered exclusively limited edition, allow you to not look like what the whole earth!

Philippe Gaber proposes a fashion ethical, personal, exclusive and specially made for you, but especially 100% MADE IN FRANCE!

Many things are implemented for each product that philippe manufactures for you and this, without even sometimes you realize it. His commitment is also a guarantee of quality.

Whether it's about how to work, from the focus, the cut and the pace of the products, the assembly, the finishes, the choice of fabrics, to the choice of threads from the simplest to the most luxurious, such as silk threads from the Au Ver A Soie House (French Heritage Company founded in 1820).

But Philippe Gaber attaches particular importance to the origin, the manufacture, the process, the know-how involved in weaving or dyeing, and especially everything concerning the transparency of the company.

Philippe ensures the transparency concerning your product by indicating the origins, if there are certifications and its reference just as that which manufactures your product, but there, it is not complicated, it is about one and only one nobody !

All these details, imperceptible, make your product unique and quality!

Winner of the label "Made in Paris" in December 2018

The label "Made in Paris" certifies the authenticity of the Parisian manufacturing and values the products made in Paris while demonstrating the excellence and dynamism of Parisian craftsmanship.

In addition he received a very nice medal and diploma from the Mayor of the 11th arrondissement for having been laureate of the label for our district.

Philippe Gaber 

Born on the other side of the border, somewhere in Wallonia, he studied for 5 years at the Cambre Mode (s) in Brussels.

His collections for men are noticed by TD and Philippe will present it to Come See the Light 1998 and Barclay Catwalk Vision of Emerging Int'l Designer 1999 of Zurich, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Spotted in 2000 by a big luxury house in Paris, he gets a job as a studio assistant for this house. This is the opportunity for him to settle in Paris.

He will then work for various luxury brands as artistic director and creative consultant. It will take on new challenges by creating an inseparable link between fashion, clothing, a collection, communication, fragrance, communication, strategy and marketing.

Rich in all these experiences and passionate about the know-how, the "Made in France", the masculine elegance, he creates his first products in 2008 before formalizing his eponymous brand through his online store in 2009.

While dedicating himself to his brand, he shares his experiences and knowledge, as well as his passions on savoir-faire, luxury and "made in France" with the future talents of fashion, professionals, his clients and all enthusiasts.

In 2012, Delphine Parickmiller will present Philippe Gaber to the public through his documentary: Made in France, the great illusion? (Released May 27, 2012, France 5).

In 2015, Philippe Gaber is interviewed about his brand on BFMTV in Paris is at You: Crafts, Luxury Crafts.